Hotel 1231, Toruń

The boutique Hotel 1231 is a comfortable space overlooking the Vistula River and the ruins of a medieval castle. Situated in the very heart of Toruń, the hotel is a unique place whose history dates back to the 13th century. Its location and name are closely related to the presence of the Teutonic Knights in the city, as it was in 1231 that they first arrived here.

The building once was a medieval flour mill that catered for the Teutonic Castle. Subsequently, it was converted to a bakery, a warehouse, a tenement house, to finally become a boutique hotel.

In 2021, Hotel 1231 was extended. The former infirmary (castle hospital) now accommodates guest rooms, conference rooms and leisure spaces, all boasting modern design.

Their furnishings are made of high-quality materials, manufactured in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way.

A number of Noti collections can be found in the hotel’s new wing, including Manta, Muse, Mishell, Comfee, Sona. They are accompanied by Noti’s Rotor bar stools.


Photographs: Altermovie
Project: Hotel 1231