Maja Ganszyniec

Sona is a modular furniture system whose constituent elements can be freely combined to match the purpose of the building, and the size and functions of the interior.

Sona is based on 8 basic frames. Pouffes or small tables can be used to split rows of seats or finish off the final arrangement.

A distinct hallmark of the collection are additional panels, available in two heights, which can be fastened to the backrests. Depending on the selected height, they may separate work and rest zones or serve as divider screens which nevertheless preserve the open formula of the sofa or armchair. It is also possible to reverse the modules and, in large islands, join the back supports together at the rear end, forming two rows facing opposite sides.

Sona is an ideal solution for creating quiet islands in large open-space offices, also because of the additional functionality of media ports for connecting and charging mobile devices integrated into table tops.

A wide selection of Noti textures and colours gives designers an opportunity to separate and highlight individual zones, enhancing or attenuating them with colour.

With their large upholstered surfaces, tall panels fastened to the back supports have an effect on the room's acoustics.

Sona is a collection dedicated to public buildings, open-spaces offices, shopping centres, healthcare facilities, waiting rooms, and hotel lobbies. It provides an opportunity to put together any layout: a single seat for mobile work, a zone for talking and holding meetings, an island for rest and relaxation in large and crowded spaces, or rows of seats for narrow corridors.

Upholstered furniture
metal elements, powder-coated
polyurethane foam
Structural elements
metal elements, slab elements
fabric, leather; modules can be upholstered with one or two types of fabric – the seat and back rest are upholstered with one type of fabric, and the screens with the other (leather upholstery available only within low blend/ cladding panels)
solid oakwood table top, media port, lamp
Structural elements
metal legs, powder-coated
Table tops
solid oak wood
Maja Ganszyniec
Owner of the Warsaw-based Studio Ganszyniec specializing in furniture and industrial product design.

The designer believes in creating innovative, beautiful and user-friendly objects, and combines vision with responsibility in her creative endeavours. She seeks new opportunities within the boundaries of strategic thinking.