Foyer in Gdynia City Museum
AOS Studio Architektury
Bogna Kociumbas

Gdynia City Museum is housed in a modern sandstone structure resembling a ship, built where the sea and land meet.

In addition to being an excellent repository of knowledge about the life of the city and its inhabitants in the past, it is a lively cultural and educational facility, and a first-class venue for meetings, exhibitions and presentations. Importantly, the authorities of the museum are aware of the significant role of design in everyday life, and take various steps to disseminate that knowledge.

The design of the entrance hall of the Museum, created by designers from AOS Studio Architecture in collaboration with Agata Karolczuk and Jakub Napolski, features a colour palette which has been limited to shades of grey and white. The monotone is interrupted by strong red accents. The result is a spacious, modern, graphic venue.

NOTI furniture forms an important and integral aspect of the interior. A large, bright space for meetings and talks is perfectly complemented by a collection of functional Termo seats designed by Tomek Rygalik.


Design: AOS Studio Architektury
Realization: Rubio
Photos: Bogna Kociumbas, Gdynia City Museum

Collections used in the project: