Beautiful shades of grey
Agnieszka Morawiec - Pracownia Projektowa Siedem
Dekorialove Anna Laskowska

The interior design of the semi-detached house is an all-encompassing concept. Sophisticated shades of grey are ubiquitous, acting as a canvas for the entire design.

The ground floor houses an open common space. The kitchen, dining room and living room areas merge seamlessly.

A uniform stylistic tone and, above all, the interior’s unified colour scheme, highlight the unity of the place. Grey stone cladding on the floor and on the walls, grey kitchen fronts, a grey kitchen worktop, grey window decorations, and grey furniture combine to create an elegant, refined and stylistically coherent living space.

The grey scheme has been balanced with wood, and accented with black and blue decorative elements, as well as plants. The visual centre point in the living room is NOTI's Rosco sofa, while Mishell chairs take the pride of place in the dining room.


Design: Agnieszka Morawiec - Pracownia Projektowa Siedem
Photos: Dekorialove Anna Laskowska

Collections used in the project: