Teddy Bear

Wierszyłłowski i Projektanci

The inspiration was found in the past, in a bit sentimental atmosphere in the kids games and the golden period of Polish design (1950s, 1960s).

The whole collection in based on a client’s needs and specific demands. Our client is involved in the process of design and thus a blocks of armchairs sofas or futons but of the three types of seats three types of seat backs two types, two types of armrests and special type of bolster.

Clients depending on their needs and demand can play with the blocks matching them and connecting and thus forming armchairs sofas – higher lower bigger smaller. It is like playing with Lego bricks.

Soft round organic forms allow for connecting seemingly not matching elements that intersect forming new shapes.

This kind of solution gives also unlimited possibilities with regard the upholstery of sofas armchairs seats. At this stage it is possible to play with colors, patterns  and textures.

The collection of seats is accompanied by the three tables. With tables however the number of options is a bit smaller - there are three shapes smaller bigger lower higher which can be matched one with the other.

Upholstered furniture
varnished solid oak wood
polyurethane foam
Structural elements
slabs, wooden elements
fabric, leather
Structural elements
metal loop legs, painted or stainless steel
Table tops
varnished MDF
Wierszyłłowski i Projektanci
Mikołaj Wierszyłłowski graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Design in the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. He worked as an assistant in the department of design in Poznan Academy of Fine Arts.

In 2001 together with Robert Nowakowski he founded a design studio. Today, together with partners they create interiors and products in Wierszyłłowski and Designers studio.