Tomek Rygalik

Mamu, designed by Tomek Rygalik, is a very light and compact chair.

This piece of furniture can be the focal point of the design, as well as its subtle complement, depending on the selected finishes.

It takes advantage of the technological breakthrough in furniture, using moulded fleece for the three-dimensional geometry of it’s structural ergonomic seat.

Mamu is now available with wooden and metal legs - new in collection. Mamu also has a new version with a fully upholstered seat.

Mamu chair is produced in several variants.

1. A seat made of molded felt, available in light or dark grey felt colour, on wooden or steel legs. An additional element is the seat cushion, which can serve as a complement to a piece of furniture without a cover.     

2. A seat made of molded felt with a cover on the front of the furniture, wooden or steel legs.

3. A seat made of molded felt with a cover on the front and back of the furniture, wooden or steel legs. In this case, it is possible to upholstery the front and back of the furniture in two types/colors of fabric/leather.

Mamu perfectly fits in the interiors of modern rooms as an office chair. It will also work well in restaurants and cafes, as well as in home spaces.

wooden (oak /ash) or painted steel legs
formed felt (light and dark grey in colour); formed felt covered with upholstery on one or both sides
Structural elements
felt, wood, steel
felt, fabric, leather
Tomek Rygalik
Designer, lecturer, curator.

He studied Architecture and Town Planning at Politechnika Lodzka and Industrial Design at Pratt Institute in New York (BA/Hons).
After a few years of work for design companies in the US he undertook studies at the Royal College of Art in London (MA), where, after gaining a diploma, he became a research worker.

Until today he has received numerous international awards and many of his products have been implemented.

He runs a design workroom at the Department of Industrial Design of the Arts Academy and Studio Rygalik in Warsaw.