Soho Factory apartment
Kijek Studio
Kijek Studio

Soho, Praga Południe District, Warsaw. This minimalist, yet comfortable apartment has been designed by Aga Kijek from Kijek Studio.

The design has been dictated by the rhythm of life of the apartment's inhabitants. Each element of the interior comes to the fore at a particular moment of the day.

The apartment is bright, peaceful, with a strong geometric presence. The interplay of solids, textures, light and contrast creates a powerful visual effect.

A highlight of the living room is a Rosco sofa complemented by a Mishell XL armchair, both in a visually attractive dark blue colour. Spectacular lighting and photography combine to create a comfortable and pleasant space. The living room blends seamlessly with the kitchen area which features subtly outlined forms of Fameg bar stools.


Design and photos:  Kijek Studio
Realization: Euforma Warszawa

Collections used in the project: