ProfMedica Clinic, Poznań
Joel Hauck

ProfMedica is an out-of-the-box take on a medical clinic by Pulva. Created in a holistic spirit, the space delights visitors with its uniqueness.

The place is nothing like a typical clinic where everything is white and aseptic. The central point here is a huge sculpted form by Tomasz Górnicki. Organised around a three-metre atrium, the space accommodates doctor's rooms, waiting areas for patients and service rooms for staff.

The distinct sculpture dominates the place, which is why the other parts of the interior need to be calm and not too stimulating. The effect has been achieved with tranquil colours such as graphite, black and brown. Finishing materials, lights, and furniture were  meticulously planned and selected, to give the personnel and the patients a sense of comfort and harmony.

The waiting areas are furnished with Noti furniture: Mishell Soft armchairs, Rosco sofas and Muse stools.

Design: Pulva
Photos: Joel Hauck
Realization: Balma

Collections used in the project: