Prisjakt Poland office, Krakow
Colliers Define
Adam Grzesik

Prisjakt has developed a product and price comparison site to help consumers make better informed shopping choices. The site was founded in 2012 and has been growing rapidly ever since, steadily gaining ground in new countries.

The Polish office of Prisjakt is located in the Aquarius building in Krakow. The space is perfectly in tune with contemporary trends and with the company's working culture. The leitmotifs include community building and a casual vibe.

Designed by Colliers Define, the interior addresses a number of aspects, such as hybrid work model. The space is open, there are no unnecessary desks, and the division into working and leisure areas is clearly marked.

Care was taken to ensure space for individual work, inspiring talks, meetings and conferences. The kitchenette with a long dining table and an equally long kitchen island is the hot-spot of social life, where meals can be had together. In fact, they can also be prepared together, because the kitchenette is fully equipped – there is even an oven!


Design: Colliers Define
Photos: Adam Grzesik
Realization: Logan

Collections used in the project: