Offices of Axpo Polska, Warsaw
BIT Creative

The new offices of Axpo Polska are situated on the 25th floor of The Warsaw Hub in the business district of Warsaw. The building was selected for its excellent location, as well as practical and sustainable solutions, well in tune with the philosophy of Axpo, a company in the business of renewable energy.

And it was energy that was the main inspiration for the interior design, developed by BIT Creative. The designers were asked to come up with spacious offices that are innovative, sustainable, inspiring and creative, both for individuals and for teams.

The resulting spaces are lavishly decorated with elements of nature: wood, pot plants, moss, as well as colours.Here and there, neon lights fill the place with a good mood and inspiration. In their company, you can relax in chill out zones, sitting comfortably on Noti furniture: Muse, Mishell soft and Mula. It's an office full of good energy!


Design: BIT Creative
Photos: Fotomohito
Realization: Kron

Collections used in the project: