Nawara Serwis headquarters
Stanisław Zajączkowski

The latest Wroclaw realisation in a new headquarter of Nawara Serwis in Trzebień (Lower Silesia province), a leading manufacturer of professional dust extraction systems for industrial applications.

The minimalist, loft-style interiors of the new headquarters reflect the technological nature of the company's core line of business perfectly.

The colour palette is neutral, with various shades of grey from pale ash-grey hues to the anthracite finishing of joinery and furniture. This colour range is a perfect backdrop for bringing out the elegant, yet cosy, character of oak wood. 

The investor expected an understated and timeless design with materials of superior quality. NOTI's products, including a Rosco sofa in the entrance zone, Clapp armchairs in offices, and Comma and Linar Plus chairs in conference rooms, are perfect additions to the overall concept.


Realisation: Salon Balma Wrocław
Photos: Stanisław Zajączkowski

Collections used in the project: