IMA Interiors Office
IMA Interiors
IMA Interiors

Bold colours, eye-catching details, and an intriguing space. This Gdańsk-based office immediately captures the imagination with its distinctive and evocative design.

The office, created by IMA Interiors – Atelier d'Architecture d'Intérieur based in Paris, also serves a Polish showroom of IMA Interiors.

The idea behind the concept is to provide an opportunity for immersion into the designers’ creative minds. The showroom offers insight into IMA Interiors’ favourite materials, brands and designers, and presents their aesthetic choices and preferences, for example metaphysical surrealism or the beloved hue of blue – International Klein Blue.

The space has been designed to incorporate an apartment with a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.
Furniture highlights include an LCD sofa designed by Renata Kalarus.

The photographs featuring blue Mishells show a private Parisian apartment – another design project executed by IMA Interiors. The powerful colour scheme adds an extra “wow factor” to the modern space.


Design, execution and photos: IMA Interiors - Atelier d'Architecture d'Intérieur

Collections used in the project: