Hotel Altus
APA Wojciechowski and Pracownia LOFT Magdaleny Adamus
Hotel Altus

Altus Hotel is housed in one of the skyscrapers in the "Alfa" complex which is located in the very centre of Poznań, just a few steps away from the Old Market Square.

"Alfa" Department Stores were constructed at the turn of the 1970s. At that time, Poland was ruled by a communist regime, and the authorities wanted to build modern "steel and glass" cities. Currently, after a gloomy period of gradual decline and destruction, the "Alfa" skyscrapers, similarly to the street where they are located (św. Marcin), are slowly recovering their glory thanks to a comprehensive programme for the modernization of Poznań city centre.

The architectural design of Altus Hotel has been created at the architectural practice APA Wojciechowski, and the interiors have been designed by LOFT Magdalena Adamus.

The new "Alfa" revamped as a hotel is a three-star facility with 109 rooms, 5 conference rooms, a restaurant and a fitness centre.

Contemporary modernist interiors provide a perfect setting for working and relaxing. The past era can be traced in details, colours and patterns. The spacious lobby, decorated in warm colours, has been furnished with Mishell armchairs on wooden bases. Their colours – orange and dark blue – are a reference to the original ceramic tiles. The décor combines the best of modernist design trends which still appear fresh and up-to-date.


Design: APA Wojciechowski oraz Pracownia LOFT Magdaleny Adamus
Investor: Altus Hotel
Photos: Altus Hotel

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