Headquarter of Adal company
Pracownia Architektoniczna Uszok
Andrzej Fryda

Adal company in Koziegłówki is one of the biggest decorating company in Poland.

The headquarter of the company is a minimalistic solid with a glass facade in the anthracite frame, which emphasizes its modern shape. 

The interiors are maintained in an industrial convention. White and graphite dominates, the whole is complemented by yellow tones.

Different zones are separated in the facility; office work space, entrance area and multi-purpose room which is a meeting place. The division into zones was emphasized by a suitable arrangement using Noti furniture - dragged across Bouli sofas accented the open space in front of the conference room, chairs, bar stools and Mishell tables in the social rooms allow to maintain a minimalistic interior design, Comfee armchairs give a feeling of comfort and uniqueness of the interior.


Interior design: Pracownia Architektoniczna Uszok
Realisation: Lobos 
Photography: Andrzej Fryda

Collections used in the project: