Deloitte Digital offices
LA Architekci
Maria Miklaszewska

Deloitte Digital offices are located in the historic building of the former Jabłkowski Brothers Department Store in Warsaw's Bracka Street.

The building's old interiors house thoroughly modern office spaces which were designed by the architectural studio LA Architekci.

The investor's needs coupled with the unique nature of the premises have given interior designers an opportunity to redefine the concept of office.

One of the offices is an unconventionally arranged open-space area with work zones and common spaces merging smoothly with one another. The acoustic comfort of meetings and conversations was also duly taken into account.

The other office is occupied by the creative department – Statosfera by Deloitte. Energy, innovation, new ideas – all these elements provided a great foundation to create uniquely tailored interiors. The overarching concepts were modularity and mobility in order to give employees an opportunity to work in smaller or bigger groups.

Both offices were furnished with NOTI furniture including STONE sofas, COMFEE armchairs and a ROLLO seat.


Design and execution: LA Architekci
Photos: Maria Miklaszewska

Collections used in the project: