Bank Spółdzielczy
ZW Pracownia Projektowa
Michał Hordowicz

Banks are, by their very definition, serious financial institutions. This does not mean, though, that designing bank interiors leaves no room for creativity. An example of a creatively designed bank interior can be found in Bank Spółdzielczy in Żnin.

The underlying idea was to create a modern, visitor-friendly place that would reduce the distance between the customer and the institution. The space has been divided into several sections: a customer service zone, a waiting area with a place for writing and using online banking services, offices and amenities for employees.

The interior design has been inspired by the world of nature, both when it comes to the choice of colours and organic forms of the furniture, and decorative details, for example a cereal ear which is a recognised symbol of the region. The floor tells the story of the bank, attracting viewers' attention to the most important dates.

The design is modern and functional, but at the same time rooted in regional history and traditions.


Design: ZW Pracownia Projektowa
Execution: Euforma
Photos: Michał Hordowicz

Collections used in the project: