Noti catalogue receives ED Awards

We are very pleased to announce that Noti catalogue has been awarded with the prestigious award, ED Awards

European Design Awards is the competition, distinguishing the best graphic designers in Europe, which has been held for 15 years. It encompasses a variety of designing areas.
Our publicity was awarded the golden prize, in terms of the best product catalogue category.

Noti publicity is the project of many interesting solutions. It presents Noti product portfolio in a fresh and conspicuous way, which is the result of the specially designed font, three paper types, highlighting different publishing parts, and three cover types. All the elements are the framework for displaying our furniture, as well as the story about the designers, who create the furniture.

Noti catalogue is primarily the outcome of cooperation with exceptionally gifted designing studio named Bekarty. We both put a lot of heart and work, so that the project could astonish, and the catalogue could make you delve into it again. Today, we congratulate its creators, and jointly cherish its meaningful success. 

The catalogue is available online.