Better together Noti and Balma

Better together is a joint initiative launched by Noti and Balma.

It is an event and common space designed to showcase the effects of activities undertaken by the sister companies Noti and Balma over the past few months. 

The ongoing pandemic has presented the furniture industry with new challenges. However, we are responding to them with dedication and creativity, using modern solutions to show what our brands have to offer. For example, we have recently held a round of online meetings to discuss our new products and display them in detail.

The year 2020 was a time of intensive growth for us. We never slowed down. As a result, in our specially arranged exhibition space you can see over a dozen new collections, as well as a preview of début designs showcased for the first time. The range comprises complete functional solutions for offices and residential interiors including products of both brands which have complementing each other perfectly for years.

You also get the opportunity to experience the display during a virtual walk here.