Banffy at Łódź Design Festival 2021

A collection of university students' projects was one of the highlights of the 15. edition of Łódź Design Festival. The University of the Arts Poznań prepared an exhibition entitled Co-working Space_19. PE-P Edition, presenting the projects of six student teams, focusing on new solutions, internal design and furnishing of co-working spaces.

One of the projects was the Banffy stool by Klaudia Janikowska and Yuliya Neronskaya, developed in cooperation with Noti. The UAP students were actively involved in the stool's prototyping and production processes.

The exhibition illustrated all the stages of the project, from searching for materials, to the selection of colour options, and eventually to the final result crafted at Noti: a product ready for implementation.

Banffy easily attracted the visitors' attention, and was particularly popular among children. With its intriguing form and colours, the stool leaves no-one indifferent.


Photos: Klaudia Janikowska