A meeting with Nikodem Szpunar at Euforma Gdansk

Towards the end of October, Gdansk's Euforma hosted a meeting with Noti. The event's special guest was Nikodem Szpunar.

Regular meetings with interior architects and designers have become one of Euforma's signature events. After a lengthy break caused by the pandemic the meetings are back, traditionally attracting large crowds. They are a unique opportunity to meet interior decoration designers and brands, explore new products, and network with and talk to like-minded people.

The October meeting revolved around a designer's tale. Nikodem Szpunar spoke about his designing process experiences, mentioned his inspirations, and shared some behind-the-scenes facts about manufacturing his furniture for and with Noti.

The brand's two latest collections, Eke and Algo, were presented in Euforma's showroom. Everybody could take a close look, touch, sit, or have a photo taken against a branded backdrop.

The fantastic atmosphere of the event was ensured by its hosts from Euforma Gdansk. Thank you and see you soon!


Photo by Agnieszka Potocka