Piotr Kuchciński

The structure of the small tables in the collection Serif is a casual take on the canons of classical architecture.

In a micro scale, its key elements - foundation, columns, roof - are reflected in the elements of the tables - base, legs, top. Yet, the degree of symmetry is not exactly classical, the proportions are more massive and the forms are more clear-cut.

The contours of the tables, especially the taller ones, resemble letter shapes with distinct serifs.

The designer skillfully created a collection that is both unmistakable and universal in terms of character and application.
The diversity of shapes and dimensions makes a Serif a fine choice as a coffee table, a bedside table, or for any other purpose where storage surface is required.

Serif tables come in as many as 6 sizes. Both round and rectangular versions are available, and materials include oak veneer and solid wood.

oak veneer on both sides; the edges are made of bent plywood with double-sided oak veneer
solid oak wood rounds, painted to the same colour as the top boards
Additional information
The tables are ready for assembly by the customer (Allen key included)
Piotr Kuchciński
He has been cooperating with NOTI for 17 years. Apart from furniture design, he supervises the image of the brand, designs interior of showrooms, marketing materials and fair stands.

He is the author of most of NOTI collections: Palo, Paxt, Ronin, Daaz, Serif, Muse, Mishell, Manta, Rosco, Sosa, Mula, Linar plus, Clapp, King, Tritos, x40, Belem, Rotor, Ingram, Compli.