Piotr Kuchciński

Ronin is a collection full of contradictions and oppositions.
The armchair rests on an exposed, steel frame comprising a well-fitted soft mattress.

Piotr Kuchciński has accurately matched the cold and raw geometry of the seat with a not immediately apparent vision of comfort and cosiness. Yet, the two oppositions form a consistent piece. To further enhance the user's comfort, the armchair comes with a footrest and a bolster roller headrest  with a weight, serving as an adjustable headrest. Both of them can be finished in a completely different way, thus creating a combination of colours and textures that offers countless configuration opportunities.

By choosing the right colour for the frame, the armrest veneer, the leather and the fabric, you can create a toned-down piece that will be a perfect fit for a classical, minimalistic interior, or conversely an intriguing mixture of colours that will clearly stand out in a modernist space.

Upholstered furniture
steel tube legs, powder-coated
steel elements, powder-coated; mattress made of felt and polyurethane foam with additional silicone filling with an admixture of cut polyurethane foam
metal elements
bent beech plywood with natural oak veneer on both sides
filled with silicone reinforced with cut polyurethane foam; the steel headrest weight, powder-coated
fabric, leather
Piotr Kuchciński
He has been cooperating with NOTI for 17 years. Apart from furniture design, he supervises the image of the brand, designs interior of showrooms, marketing materials and fair stands.

He is the author of most of NOTI collections: Palo, Paxt, Ronin, Daaz, Serif, Muse, Mishell, Manta, Rosco, Sosa, Mula, Linar plus, Clapp, King, Tritos, x40, Belem, Rotor, Ingram, Compli.