Piotr Kuchciński

Paxt is a broad collection of bucket chairs designed by Piotr Kuchciński. While they are meant to be utterly classical, they show the author's trademark sensitivity and mindfulness focused on proportions, smooth lines and finishing details.

What makes these chairs special is an additional piece that increases the contact surface of the backrest. In addition to the added comfort, it can also be a highlight of the interior, because the fabric for that piece can be freely chosen to create a contrast with the main part of the chair.

Both options (low and high) are additionally available in the Paxt soft  version, characteristic for effortless creasing of the backrest fabric and a softer filling.

As many as 7 base options are available, thus allowing the user to choose a chair that perfectly matches their functional and aesthetic needs. Paxt is an all-purpose collection, designed for residential, office and public spaces alike.

Upholstered furniture
tube legs (external diameter: Ø18mm), powder-coated; metal bar skid (external diameter: Ø12mm); tube skid (external diameter: Ø25mm), powder-coated; swivelling fixed-height aluminium base - painted black or polished; swivelling fixed-height aluminium base - painted black or polished; black caster wheels; swivelling adjustable-height aluminium base - painted black or polished; oak wood legs, 33mm thick;
steel structure coated with polyurethane foam
Added back support (available optionally)
steel structure coated with polyurethane foam, permanently mounted to the seat
steel, polyurethane foam
Fabric or leather
Additional information
The soft version (with extra foam on the seat and visible distinct creasing) is optionally available for an extra charge.
Piotr Kuchciński
He has been cooperating with NOTI for 17 years. Apart from furniture design, he supervises the image of the brand, designs interior of showrooms, marketing materials and fair stands.

He is the author of most of NOTI collections: Palo, Paxt, Ronin, Daaz, Serif, Muse, Mishell, Manta, Rosco, Sosa, Mula, Linar plus, Clapp, King, Tritos, x40, Belem, Rotor, Ingram, Compli.