Jerzy Langier

A line of lounge suites in cubic form.

The great advantage is modular arrangement which makes it possible to arrange couches in a number of ways, which can be individually adjusted to the interior needs of the user. 

Artivum collection consists of elements which include multiple modules with seats 60 or 80 cm wide: sofas, corner settees, armchairs with addition ottoman and pouf with optional opening chest. Elbow-rests: narrow (17 cm) or wide (26 cm).

The furniture has three options of pedestals: aluminum, veneered or varnished.

Jerzy Langier
In 1979 he founded the Eljot company where he designed a dozen-or-so collections of furniture inspired by the Scandinavian design.

Designs by Langier won a number of prizes such as “Forma” (1996 and 1998) and “Prodeco” (2003). In 2005 J. Langier joined NOTI to design five collections: Ixo, Estino, Cirrus, Idello and Artivum.