Supergirls Do Design

The Supergirls combine matter and senses into multi-sensory designs of stage sets, objects, and spaces. Their designs use quality, durable and natural materials, often upcycled.

The starting point is empathy, which means that every design begins with answering the question about what will people feel like in spaces designed by the Supergirls, or interacting with items they design. How will their design affect the users’ senses and emotions. The Supergirls create experiences based on shape, texture, colour, and touch. Their designs are unconventional and inspiring, demonstrating a different and refreshing perspective, usually strongly contextual.

The Supergirls have worked with cultural institutions and commercial clients, including leading brands such as Vogue, PURO Hotels, NOTI, KUKBUK, School of Form, Ujazdowski Castle · Centre for Contemporary Art, Łódź Design Festival, Poznań Design Festival, INTU showroom, Dr Irena Eris Hotele Spa.

Vivido totems were designed by Marta Szostek and Matylda Halkowicz from Supergirls Do Design.