Oko Tower offices
K.S. Buro

OKO in Moscow is the second tallest building complex in the Russian Federation, and also the second tallest in Europe. It is a prestigious location in the heart of the business district of Russia’s capital city.

One of the OKO Tower skyscrapers houses the Development Environment Centre for Opportunities. It is a perfectly designed office space: multifunctional and flexible, slightly austere, but at the same time elegant, and – most importantly – tailored to the needs of contemporary office workers.

The complex features offices and generally accessible areas: waiting rooms, conference halls, training rooms, a dining room, a library, and business meeting spaces.

The main focus in the design process was on superior comfort, aesthestics and acoustics of private offices and coworking areas.

The training section with a conference room and auditorium, and the coworking and recreation area, have been furnished with Noti’s furniture from several collections including Sona, Muse, Soundroom, Mishell, x40, and Linar Plus.


Design: MAParchitects
Execution, photos: K.S. Buro